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Ky Kiske from Guilty Gear: Overture
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Canon Point: Post Epilogue
Housing Info: 341 Brady Lane
> Father
> Child: Sin

Real Family:
> Child: Sin
> Wife: Dizzy
> Royal Babysitter: Sol

[ x ] lightning magic
[    ] Aquila
[    ] Kingly outfit
[ x ]  tiara
[    ] teleportation portals
[ x ]  teacup collection
[    ] Holy Order uniform
[    ] Soul Sinker?
[    ] Thunderseal?
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[It didn't take him long to find a place to get a cake, but he did have some trouble choosing-- he didn't know whether there was a flavor Sin would prefer, and so he spent a stupidly long time debating over the choices until just grabbing one when the person behind the counter started to very firmly suggest he leave. Picking out a gift took even longer, but he finally picked one that was both age appropriate and possibly educational with little room for destruction. He didn't have much of a party set up, just sitting at the table with the cake in front of him and his gift in a neat little package]

[and then he waits]


[for Sin to come home]